Sunday, 30 December 2012

Topshop chase

As I've been slowly dipping my toe into the topshop makeup pool of goodies, I decided to pick up a new nail varnish when I popped in the other day.
Chase, a gorgeous lilac with a dusting of silver sparkle, giving an almost metallic finish. It looks exactly the same on the nail as in the bottle and it goes on super smooth.

Certainly impressed, I'll be dipping my foot in soon enough x

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Une beauté naturelle

What appealed to me most about the UNE range was that the ingredients are "100% from natural origin." I hoped this would help my fussy skin that doesn't get on well with most skin products. I got the skin-echo concealer in MO1 and the mineral pressed powder in MO3. I'm really pleased with the shades, the concealer matches perfectly and the powder looks natural, without making me look like a ghost. They both give good coverage without feeling heavy and I love the simplicity of the packaging with the extra useful mirror. Also, the brush on the concealer gives a really smooth application. All for quite a reasonable price compared to other high quality brands. However, I found the pressed powder really difficult to get on the brush (as you can see I had to scrape some loose), so I'll be trying the loose powder next time :) x

Friday, 16 November 2012

Beyond girly

Since sparkle is so popular in the run up to christmas, couldn't help but join in, being the glitter geek that I am :) I wanted a strong pink colour, so I used what I believe is Debenhams nail varnish, which has great pigment. Then my trusty BarryM Iredescent over the top.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Simple skin care

I'm a big fan of the Simple range, I've found the products I've tried so far really suitable for me. I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and it is prone to outbreaks so I like to keep a regular and intensive skin care routine. Whilst being kind to my skin and avoiding perfumed products or harsh chemicals.

First of all, the kind to skin cleansing facial wipes (see here: Though more expensive than other brands, I think its well worth it for the quality and feel of these. I use them everyday to remove my make up and initially clean my face.

Then, the triple action face wash. I love the gel formula, its so gentle to use and I've noticed significant reduction in redness and size of blemishes within days of using it. I use it every evening to make sure I'm well and truly scrubbed.

After that, the moisturisers. The intensive relief cream  is my lifesaver for keeping skin hydrated and preventing any flakiness (see here: I use it every morning before putting on any makeup.
The anti-blemish moisturiser is what I use before bed for a softer moisturiser. I haven't noticed any considerable affect on spots, but its a handy 2 in 1 and so I was interested to try it.

Finally, the blackhead eliminating face scrub. I like to deep cleansing feel of the micro-beads and I've noticed an almost immediate reduction of blackheads! I use it twice a week as I don't find it necessary to use everynight.

Simple have a huge range of products, I hope to try out more soon x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Save the fashion!

Finally got round to fixing my beloved boots (see Fridays post) and as expected it was easy peasy, even for a D.I.Y dummy like me :) I think its important to repair items when you can and avoid being wasteful. I reccommend using gloves for extra safety when using strong glue. I used non-heat super glue and lined it along the rim on the heel, then held the heel and boot together and left to dry. And not that its very interesting or girly, but heres the glue I used:
My next project was to fix my Topshop jumper where the chain had come unthread. All it took was a needle, thread and a simple running stitch. I used black thread as it mathes the flecks of black in the jumper. I also re-did the original pink thread to make sure it didn't continue to unthread.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Handmade Daisy earrings


I love handmade jewellery, mostly because each piece is unique and so delicately made.
I picked up these little Daisy studs in a gift shop in Wales and I've been in love with them ever since :) I wear them most days in my cartilage piercing, but they look equally as cute in my lobes.

After a quick search I found some lovely handmade flower earrings here:
Thinking about getting some purple Daisy studs x

P.S: I need a better camera, putting it on my list to Santa me thinks!

Friday, 2 November 2012

New look wedge boots

It took me a while to find wedge boots for everyday wear. All the styles I liked were quite high and really impractical. These are just the right height and super comfortable :) They look great in winter with tights and skirts or dresses. I've worn them on nights out dancing too. They'd probably look even more awesome if you have lovely long legs unlike me ;)

I'm not usually a fan of suede/cheap equivalent as I tend to wear shoes out quickly. And sure enough they are looking a bit rough after only a couple of months. However, I'm most disappointed that the heel is coming off already on the one boot :( First time New look heels have failed me. Nothing a bit of super glue won't fix but a word of warning for you!

You can buy them here:

Expect to see these in future outfit shoots x