Sunday, 4 November 2012

Save the fashion!

Finally got round to fixing my beloved boots (see Fridays post) and as expected it was easy peasy, even for a D.I.Y dummy like me :) I think its important to repair items when you can and avoid being wasteful. I reccommend using gloves for extra safety when using strong glue. I used non-heat super glue and lined it along the rim on the heel, then held the heel and boot together and left to dry. And not that its very interesting or girly, but heres the glue I used:
My next project was to fix my Topshop jumper where the chain had come unthread. All it took was a needle, thread and a simple running stitch. I used black thread as it mathes the flecks of black in the jumper. I also re-did the original pink thread to make sure it didn't continue to unthread.

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  1. Good job!! I have a couple things that need to get fixed. Put them all on a pile and now they are waiting for a rainy sunday afternoon :)


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