Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more

Makeup: Mascara: BarryM  3 in 1, Eyeliner: Maybelline Gel, Eyeshadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo
Outfit: Jumper: Run & Fly (, Skirt: Simone Hooper, Shoes: Mel Ice, Nail varnish: BarryM in Lilac Foil 342

Such awful photos for my Christmas Day outfit in my dark hallway (my poor feet have disappeared!) But all good news as Santa delivered a brand new camera that I'm itching to get into use. This jumper and skirt have such a unique feel as I found them in the vintage market at the Clothes Show. The outfit highlights consist of the texture given by the thick knit of the jumper and the skirt fabric, with a simple classic cosy feel. Whilst giving a hint of colour and Christmas novelty in the jumper detailing.

AND for my Christmas day makeup look, if you haven't tried out Maybelline's 'Color Tattoo' in On and On Bronze, then its a must do! Super easy to apply, without any need for blending or priming, as it creates a lovely shimmer finish that lasts all day. The only downside is that the gel texture makes applying eyeliner a little more tricky, my gel liner works best alongside it.

Monday, 9 December 2013


Not sure I could follow my previous two posts in any better way than the holy grail himself...
Sunday was a whirlwind of a day, I was so excited to go to The Clothes Show and have a shopping trip whilst indulging in all the catwalk beauty. To see Henry Holland present the show made me feel giddy with excitement, as its quite clear he's a huge inspiration to me. Then, out of the blue I turned a corner and spotted that trademark hair and glasses. He was wonderful to stay to take pictures, I only wish I could have had a chat with him, but I was too busy containing the fangirl squeals!

Definitely recommend The Clothes show for any fashion or cosmetic fanatics, there's a huge range of products to keep you occupied. My highlight was the vintage stands with mountains of Christmas jumpers to choose from and the only downside is how busy the show is. Looking forward to showing my purchases soon.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The blogger from Ramsbottom

Following my previous mention of my love for Henry Holland, my collages have started to become dominated by his catwalk and retail collections. I really admire the fun and youthful feel he brings to every piece, without anything being garish or immature. I also find the range of his pieces make it really approachable for such a wide spectrum, along with his slow but sure takeover of more and more high street shops and brand collaborations (Elegant touch, Debenhams and Pretty Polly to name a few). The use of motifs and slogans make HH work recognizable and unique with ease, if I could own it all I would.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Together in Paris

Coat: Debenhams H! collection, Dress: H&M, Boots: Topshop, Scarf: Jeff & co, Lipstick: Topshop in Inhibition.
As an avid Henry Holland fan and also very fond of Anastasia (the 1997 animated film not the singer ;)), I was much inspired for this 'Once upon a December' outfit. The combination of textures as always makes this a perfect warm wrap up outfit with a difference. The coat is from his H! collection for Debenhams, and with their recent sale it was a bargain. It's (hidden) leather detailing around the collar and pockets gives it a luxury feel and goes well with my Leather Morris boots. I find the on trend green goes wonderfully with neutral browns and light pinks, with a little femininity added by the lace material of the dress. Finished off with a velvet scarf to give a vintage feel.

 Essie in Muchi Muchi
My inspiration

Friday, 1 November 2013

Tis the jumper season

Jumper: Topshop, Shirt: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Flats: Zara.
Its super miserable weather today, my hair barely stayed in one piece(such a girl I know right?)! But nothing that can't be fixed with a comfy oversized jumper and a trip to the cupcake shop for a catch up with the bestie. And even though this style of flats doesn't really fair well with puddles, they are gorgeously simple and awesome quality. I love to wear them with skinny jeans and a bit of colour from my purple H&M ones is welcomed against the nude and cream. Also loving collars throughout A/W and double denim is a no-brainer.
 mmmm fudge brownie cupcake
Hair before the weather took hold

Monday, 28 October 2013

Not too long, not too short

I'm notoriously unadventurous and lazy with my hair, but I have always envied those that can pull of a full fringe and I was ready to take the plunge! I wanted to cut out the dip dye and so my hair is much shorter than I'm used to. I've also been absolutely in love with Alexa Chung's style, so she has to be my main inspiration for this look. It could drive me insane before long, and its going to take a bit of work to maintain some volume in my flat hair. But I have to say, the Vo5 'Plump it up' mousse used today has worked wonders (with an upside down blow dry ;)). The heat defense aspect is ideal and the fragrance left is pleasantly subtle.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Aztec and acid wash

Cardigan: New Look, Jeans: H&M, Flats: TOMS, Top: Primark, Necklace: Dorothy Perkins.
I haven't been a huge Aztec print fan, but this cardigan really caught me eye. Perfectly slouchy and wonderfully comfortable for autumn. Easy to wear with the neutral colour and I chose to pair it with my all time favourite flats, lazy jeans and a simple tank top. The jeans could do with being a little more fitted to it balance out, but unfortunately my legs just don't fit in them! Gold always comes up a storm during winter (and rightly so), a low hanging heart pendant necklace fits well and gold nails to match.
Haven't been awfully well this month, so I'm really happy to finally be getting a blog post up :) My hair has also been a bit of a pain, so a slicked back bun was the best option ;) Here's to a better November x
Nail varnish: BarryM Gold foil nail effects

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

With attention to style

Baiboon Arunpreechachai and Nino Wongchaiseree by Nat Prakobsantisuk for Vogue Thailand
Stylist Jirat Subpisankul

Something about stereotypically girly features with a boyish edge and black finishing touches, just draws you in. Subpisankul's use of a dress with sheer black with velvet heart details is just divine. It screams 'valentines' without the tackiness. Seductively modest ;) a beautiful juxta-position.

INTERVIEW October 2013

Karlie Kloss by Gregory Harris for Interview
Stylist Elin Svahn

The choice of model for this shoot has to be the best part. Kloss is so elegant in lace and ruffles, yet her disheveled bob and 'bare' makeup brings together the whole feel of a runaway princess. With the addition of the forbidden socks and sandals to give the appearance of carelessness. But on closer inspection the balance of light and dark aspects shows just how much thought has gone into this.

Frida Gustavsson by Steven Pan for Flair Magazine #6
Fall Flair 2013

Frida Gustavsson by Steven Pan for Flair Magazine #6
Stylist Sissy Vian

With the contrast of an embellished split skirt, an oversized jumper and hair I can only wish I was brave enough to try. This first ensemble by Vian is so deliciously rebellious, something that will forever appeal to the inner individualist.
Then, the second, a mash up of floral, leather/studs and fishnets. Whilst the models positioning suggests innocence, Vian has highlighted the influence of just a few punk characteristics to completely change the overall picture.
The dark eye makeup and hints of colour throughout 'Fall Flair', evokes a collective feel to an otherwise continuously contrasting and disjointed theme.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hard to deal with

Shirt: H&M, Top: Next, Skirt: New Look, Boots: Topshop, Necklace: New look, Nail varnish: Topshop in Chase.
More awkward "I don't know what to do" posing :)
Lace is always an easy, feminine, but not overly girly option. Its sure to be big again this winter. I picked this up in the New Look Christmas sale a couple of year ago, and even though its not a favourite of mine, its perfect to pair with denim. It can also be easily dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion and since I was just popping out, lazy boots and a shirt it was.
Just a teeny tiny bit of purple left in my hair now, can't wait to get it cut!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sweet Inspiration

Sources: Look magazine
I've been taking a brief blog break due to a struggle to find inspiration to put together outfits to share. And so I've cracked on with my collaging to help with my creativity block. My collages started with cutting out things I liked and putting them on a page, however, its slowly developed into pages with themes and trends. Adding extras like crafty accessories and drawings that give texture and individuality. My favourite of these is the 'peter pan collar' out of part of a birthday card, I spotted the polka dot pattern (which sadly doesn't show well) and frill lining and I knew it'd be perfect. As you can see I've left some of my notes I make on each page whilst I'm putting them together, it might make the thought process of the page a bit clearer. I find it incredibly relaxing to do and each finished page gives me a little burst pride. I hope to get styling again, but I'd love to share more of the completed collage projects in future x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Still a little sapling, just a sprout

Cardigan: Fashion Union, Top: River Island, Jeans: Primark, Boots: Topshop, Necklace: Dorothy Perkins, Nail varnish: Essie in Muchi Muchi.
I picked up this gorgeous thick knit Cardi last year in the winter Fashion Union sale for just £10! The wheat brown colour is perfect to fit with almost anything without looking too dark and dingy. I decided to go for comfort (as always) with pair with my trusty jeans I picked up in Primark years ago, and my legs still haven't grown into them. Finishing off with a slouchy vest with sweet ruched 'Love' lettering detail. And my ultimate winter boots complete with suede lining for that ultimate winter feel. It might only be September, but I think summer has well and truly ended here.
Any tangled fans will get the title ;)

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Change in my pocket

Hat: Missguided, Backpack: Topshop, Dress: New Look, Jumper: Topshop, Boots: Topshop
Its grungy, unflattering and very much a comfort outfit, perfect for a rainy day. The sheer black as the basis of this outfit creates an almost blank canvas to begin with. With the lightness of the dress hem and the leather look Boots and collar to add purpose. Then to give texture the thick knit, denim and metal works really nicely together. It fails on my '"trying to be more girly" front, but its an outfit I find really easy to chuck on as winter sets in.
I was nominated for Liebster award by Abigail at, but since I have already done it before I would like to just answer her questions here :) Please go check out her lovely blog!

1) What's your favourite drugstore make-up brand?
Probably Rimmel, I spend a lot of time in their aisle, so many goodies.
2) What's your favourite high-end make-up brand?
Can't say I really have the experience to say, I would love to have the money to try Yves Saint Laurent, Smashbox and Chanel products.
3) What perfume do you wear?
I'm pretty lazy with perfume, but my ultimate childish but fave scent is Parfums Love in Lost in love
4) Who was your inspiration to start blogging?
Many many people, but the bloggers I really look up to have to be Fleur de force and Susie Bubble
5) If you were to go to the cinema right now which film would you see?
Any Disney film
6) Where did you go on holiday to last?
Devon, Instow
7) What's your favourite TV show?
Adventure Time!
8) What's your most used beauty product?
Maybelline stay matte powder foundation, Collection 2000 concealer in fair and Topshop lipstick in Inhibition
9) What's one hair/beauty product you can't live without?
Same as above
10) Who do you think is the celebrity with the best fashion sense?
Cara Delevingne or Alexa Chung

Saturday, 31 August 2013

To give a British impression

Top: Missguided, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: TOMS.

A trip to Ross-on-wye led me to a quaint tea room and a street full of antique shops. In which I found this very old Ensign camera, it makes a lovely photo prop, but it will be a much loved item for me to stare at on rainy days. Today I went for quite a modern and quirky look, leading to a nice contrast with all the traditional English surroundings. As the sun was out it gave me a chance to stick a crop top on and get my pasty tummy out, pairing it with my oober comfortable jeans and Toms for more of a day look.
Nail varnish: Rimmel Lasting Finish in Tangy Tangerine

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hope for tommorow

Dress: New Look, Sandals: Miss Selfridge, Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
The last day of Devon was finished with a stroll along the beach at sunset, sounds idyllic I know, but the lighting wasn't great for photos. Unfortunately as well, my holiday wardrobe was rather repetitive as I only took the necessities and a few favourites, hence the lack of outfit posts! But I'm so excited to arrive back and find I hit 50 (and now 53 :D) followers. Its a small gathering by any standards, however I'm so grateful to all of you and looking forward to my future blogging.
In other news, my hair sadly has now faded to more of a plum colour, which I hate, but I'll work with it for the time being.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Where the rivers Taw and Torridge meet

A rare lifestyle post from me as I'd like to share some holiday experiences :) Last friday I set off for Instow, North Devon, and its places like this that remind you of the natural beauty of this country.
Its a small seaside town with seemingly very little to offer, but with a smidgen of luck from the weather, the peace and simplicity of this place is just what the doctor ordered! With the larger town of Barnstable a 6 mile bike ride along the Tarka trail to fulfill my retail therapy needs on occasion of course. So I'd like to share a few highlights of my trip in the next two blog posts.

My everyday makeup routine this week has included a new 'oil balancing' moisturiser from simple, I've found it really helps to control grease build up (yucky I know!) throughout the day, however it does cause difficulty in allowing my concealer to blend as well. I've also recently picked up my Rimmel glam eyes quad palette again for a simple neutral eye look. With my necessities being my Burt's bees lipbalm, Rimmel stay matte powder foundation, Maybelline Gel eyeliner and Cath Kidston mirror.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The individualist, ambiguous and unconventional

Jumper: Topshop, Dress: H&M, Boots: Topshop, Lipstick: Rimmel Moisture Renew in Funtime Fuschia

After years of wanting colour in my hair and only once, temporarily, actually doing it, I've taken the plunge...permanently! Or at least until I cut my hair again :) I used Schwarzkopf hair dye in mystic violet, much darker than I'd originally aimed for, but it will encourage me to wear much brighter and lighter clothes. And so a new lipstick was in order, I've been looking for the right shade of pink and  this is an awesome fuschia, with a nice moisturizing finish too. All topped off with my ultimate favourite nail colour.

Nail varnish: BarryM in Mint green