Friday, 15 February 2013

In some remote galaxy

Birthday girl here wanted to show you her new outfit :D When asked what I wanted for my birthday the answer was of course "clothes!".
The turtle neck crop top is an unusual choice for me, I've never been a fan but this galaxy print really caught my eye and its perfect with high waisted skirts. I picked it up at Missguided.
The denim swing skirt is from Topshop, I love 'flippy' skirts but wanted a change from my black one and the oh-so-common leather look. Denim was the perfect solution and it'll be a key piece in my spring/summer wardrobe. The boot heels are from Missguided also, they probably aren't to everyone's taste but again I was just taken by them instantly. I needed a change from black heels and these are super comfortable and a crazy cool galaxy/almost tie-dye print .
Last but not least I am wearing a new lipstick from collection 2000 in pink shock x


  1. Oh, I've been oogling those shoes on missguided and decided against them as shipping from UK to australia is pretty pricy. I'm so glad to see you wearing them though! This outfit is just overall brilliant. Happy birthday too :D

  2. The neck crop top you use the, i liked so much .. And i think is a miracle, because I'm not a fan of neck crop tops, but I really liked that you are using. And the skirt? It's fabulous, I need one of these. Just think one thing - in my opinion, you have not wrong, after all everyone has their own style - you should try to use this look without the black tights. I think with a common socks it looks more awesome. But not wrong. It's just a comment, so just ignore if you do not approve.

    1. Thankyou :) Your totally right, its just too chilly here without the tights haha x

  3. Love the outfit! The shoes are amazing! Happy belated birthday :)
    Daniella x

  4. There amazing xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  5. i like that galaxy print on your top. the shoes look gorgeous ;-)

  6. you are incredibly brilliant

  7. I love this shirt, and it looks so cool with this denim skirt!

  8. I love your style- and this skirt is pretty :)
    your blog looks great and if you have the chance check out mine: and we can follow each other xxx

  9. WOW! you look fantastic! love those shoes too :D xx


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