Sunday, 17 March 2013

Been eating your bread crusts?

Dress - New look (Idol)
Tights - H&M
Jacket - New look
Wedge boots - New look
Necklace - New look
Hat - Missguided
Lipstick - Collection 2000 Queen of hearts
Very english country garden-esque backgrounds in my recent outfit posts, except much less Downton Abbey and much more Eastenders. Today's look was a bit of a random throw together. I don't often wear this dress as its a tad showy and the netting underneath often crinkles and makes bumps. But I love the colour, the silk and the little cute sequin band. A leather jacket for a touch of cool, with more added black, and a statement hat pulled it all together to make it more 'me' :) This hat was another of my birthday treats, its a gorgeous soft felt and was the first hat I'd seen that I actually loved. I think it looks best with curly/messy hair.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Cream Eyeshadow base - Rimmel glam eyes palette 621
Grey eyeshadow - No7 palette
Eyeliner - Rimmel soft kohl pencil 061
Mascara - Rimmel Intense Black Sexy Curves
Lipstick - Topshop Inhibition
Granted, I didn't need a photo to make me look any paler than I already am. But the focus is on the eyes. Its not often I experiment with makeup, today I was feeling particularly creative.
I used the Rimmel palette for the base and a No7 palette for the smokey overlay (sorry I don't know what the palette is called). And no, I hadn't noticed till now that I'd smudged it towards my nose slightly as you'll see in the photos below, woops! An Ecotools blending brush evened it out the rest nicely. Most importantly to frame the eyes I used Rimmel eyeliner pencil. I really liked the consistency of their eyebrow pencils so thought I ought to give the eyeliner pencils a go. As expected I was really impressed, just the right amount of pigment and easy to remove. Finlly, my topshop inhibition lipstick makes yet another appearance, you'd think I'd get sick of it, I'm not.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

February addictions

I intended to just review one product, but I might as well do a whole bunch :) These are my new addictions this month. (Gosh I do apologise for the picture quality, truely shocking)

Firstly, BarryM Gelly effect nail paint in watermelon. The colour comes out as a very dark green, its gorgeous and matches my green jeans perfectly. The finish is great as always with BarryM, but it does seem to chip really easily.

Next is the Collection 2000 lipstick. Specifically Queen of Hearts and Pink shock. They were actually a gift from my sister, I wouldn't have usually gone for them as a brand. But I'm pleasantly surprised as the pigment is amazing! Your lips do get dry after a bit and if you accidently smudge it, you may end up with a bright pink moustache, as they do stain the skin. Despite that, for the price and the colours, still loving them.

Then, the Rimmel glam eyes trio eyeshadow. Really lovely simple neutral shades that work well if you want a natural look. However, I would personally prefer it if they were more pigmented.

AND Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in 002 Hazel. I wasn't entirely sure on the shade when I bought this and sure enough its not quite right. A darker brown would probably be better as I do have very light eyebrows and I'd like them to pop a little more. Its great for filling out though and the pencil is easy to blend in.

Finally, Maybelline's master precise liquid eyeliner in black. This works like a very fine tip felt pen and is easy peasy to apply (even for those like me with absolutely no hand eye co-ordination). Below you can see what it looks like applyed in a simple extended line (oh and my curtains;)) x