Sunday, 28 April 2013

High fashion - low expectations

The towering model is on top of the world as she stumbles down the catwalk. Whilst we are dwarfed beneath her elevated beauty yet stride forwards in our primarni pumps. Those glittering spikes extending from her ankles make her look fabulous and we are all in awe. Or so she thinks.

Let’s be honest, it might be a cliché, but nobody’s perfect.  We don’t all access to personal stylists to fit us with the latest trends, and so we shouldn’t.  So why are we so obsessed with fashion?  Surely something more practical like a bog standard rain coat and wellies for the British weather would suit us grey carpet walkers.  Even though we might not realise it, the high street is our own personal catwalk. Everywhere you look someone is trying to make a statement. Be it in neon, glitter or fur form, fashion makes us feel good.

Whilst many of us can’t help but browse online, with a ‘clickity click’ and an emotionless face, nothing beats a good bit of retail therapy. Shopping not only drains our purses, but gives us a chance to feel like we are choosing who we want to be. I can walk into one shop and decide I’d like to look gothic, then walk into the one next door and decide I’ll be boyish and finish off walking out the next shop with floral galore. And at the end of the day I’ll sit with my plastic bags of treasures, exciting for the never ending possibilities they hold.

Even with all the influence of the media and the pressure to just ‘fit in’, with fashion being the one thing that we are judged for. It can make or break us.  Strip fashion down to its core and its ‘just’ material to cover our dignity. They’ll always be one person that thinks you look ridiculous, they’ll always be one that thinks “Hey, I want that hat!”.  Should it not be the latter, some may shy away and wear only what’s seen as the norm. But that won’t stop the few that have decided to take the bull by the horns and make fashion theirs. We’ll always look up into the clouds at the model walking down the catwalk; we’ll take a few notes and steal an idea or two. For that we thank them. But it’s us walking the streets of every city, town and village that are really making the mark on fashion.

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