Wednesday, 15 May 2013

One of those days

Hat: Missguided, Shirt: H&M, Necklace: Accessorize, Trousers: New Look, Shoes: Toms, Lipstick: Topshop's Inhibition.
I was pretty much blinded by the sun, but I just about managed a smile at the camera. A quick casual look that I had to post, as I am a bit in love with these trousers. I spotted them when I was on my rare New look browse, not only did I like them and they fit (me and trousers don't usually mesh), they were in the sale for £8! They haven't been the easiest thing to fit into my wardrobe, but my old timer denim shirt is easy to match with anything so it was my best bet. I have also lived in these Toms so far this year, despite a few soakings they are surprisingly resilient. Popped on a hat and lipstick and I was good to go x


  1. love this outfit :D you have such awesome quirky style :) xx

  2. Love the lipstick!

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  3. nice top and pants!
    hi there! great post! maybe we can follow each other?
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  4. Great pictures, absolutely stunning!

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  5. Great blog! I love everything!

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  6. Your necklace is so pretty! I really love it. The contrast with the denim is so nice, denim and diamonds, great combo!

    Em x


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