Sunday, 30 June 2013

I don't care, I love it

Sweater: H&M, Trainers: Topshop, Socks: random

Dressing summery is just so hard for me, I went shopping for a nice summer dress and ended up coming back with this ensemble!
First of all, these flatform trainers caught my eye in the Topshop sale for £15, knowing they were £45 brand new I just couldn't resist. They are a size too big, but they are a smaller fit. Can't lie, the extra bit of height on my stumpy legs is the biggest bonus :)
I then found this sweater dress in H&M, the colour blocking attracted me first, and the price tag of £15 sold me. It could be worn is various ways, as the weather was warm today I just opted for bare legs (Shorts are hidden underneath to avoid any flashing).
Finishing the look is a messy top ponytail, a recent experiment of mine. Usually any messy style and having my hair tied up is my worst nightmare. But after seeing the outcome of todays look, I think I'll persist a while longer.
Below is my makeup for the day:

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mother of nails!

Today I'd like to proudly show off some of my sister's beautiful nail designs. Her nails are natural (Yes you heard me!) and her skills are self taught. She uses various base colour nail polishes and acrylic paint with an very thin brush for the designs. With a clear top coat in most cases to make sure it all stays put. Occasionally small gems are used to add some texture and glitz to a design.

Her flower designs are incredibly intricate, something I couldn't dream to attempt myself. Whilst her abstract designs (3) are spot on trendy. She even does many themed special occasion nails (e.g. Halloween and Easter), so I look forward sharing those another time.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

To represent oneself falsely

Jumper: Topshop, jeans: H&M, sandals: Miss Selfridge, sunglasses: River Island.
I hate posing. As shown in my mid "I don't know what to do" position :)
But nevertheless an outfit picture went ahead. A laid back approach as the sun rears its head, still sporting a jumper in case of any chilly spots. I found this jumper in the sale at Topshop, it is too big, but the baggy feel is just perfect for me.
These jeans are a beautiful acid wash, but terrible sizing, waist wise they fit like a charm, but my little legs just can't stretch enough to fill them. And so lots of rolling ensues.
I love these sandals, they've certain been well loved over the few years I've had them. The print is simple, but pretty and easy to wear.
Finally, my sunglasses (my only pair) I am unbelievably fussy when it comes to sunglasses. They are easy to fit with my summer outfits, however, broken and on their last legs. A bit of summer wardrobe shopping is in order.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Action breeds confidence and courage

Top: New Look, dress: H&M, shoes: Toms.
I'll make no excuses, I've been de-motivated these past two weeks and mostly kept myself away from the blog. I needed a little recovery time after exams and illness and I'd rather put my full effort into posts. However, todays post highlights a dire need for a new camera and I swear I don't have one leg bigger than the other!
A really casual look as I wanted something light in the brief sunny moments and easy to relax in :) The dress underneath is pretty on its own, but throwing a baggy top on over it tones it down a bit. The shoes again contrast to the dress, I don't like to match colours. I find this top difficult to fit in my wardrobe, but it seems to be complimented best by pastels, hence the baby pink and also baby blue nails.

This necklace is a super sweet acrylic sausage dog I picked up in a small gift shop in Wadebridge. I believe its from a brand called 'Muchamuchacha' (But I could be wrong!). I have seen similar pieces on etsy under the same name.