Sunday, 30 June 2013

I don't care, I love it

Sweater: H&M, Trainers: Topshop, Socks: random

Dressing summery is just so hard for me, I went shopping for a nice summer dress and ended up coming back with this ensemble!
First of all, these flatform trainers caught my eye in the Topshop sale for £15, knowing they were £45 brand new I just couldn't resist. They are a size too big, but they are a smaller fit. Can't lie, the extra bit of height on my stumpy legs is the biggest bonus :)
I then found this sweater dress in H&M, the colour blocking attracted me first, and the price tag of £15 sold me. It could be worn is various ways, as the weather was warm today I just opted for bare legs (Shorts are hidden underneath to avoid any flashing).
Finishing the look is a messy top ponytail, a recent experiment of mine. Usually any messy style and having my hair tied up is my worst nightmare. But after seeing the outcome of todays look, I think I'll persist a while longer.
Below is my makeup for the day:

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