Saturday, 7 September 2013

Change in my pocket

Hat: Missguided, Backpack: Topshop, Dress: New Look, Jumper: Topshop, Boots: Topshop
Its grungy, unflattering and very much a comfort outfit, perfect for a rainy day. The sheer black as the basis of this outfit creates an almost blank canvas to begin with. With the lightness of the dress hem and the leather look Boots and collar to add purpose. Then to give texture the thick knit, denim and metal works really nicely together. It fails on my '"trying to be more girly" front, but its an outfit I find really easy to chuck on as winter sets in.
I was nominated for Liebster award by Abigail at, but since I have already done it before I would like to just answer her questions here :) Please go check out her lovely blog!

1) What's your favourite drugstore make-up brand?
Probably Rimmel, I spend a lot of time in their aisle, so many goodies.
2) What's your favourite high-end make-up brand?
Can't say I really have the experience to say, I would love to have the money to try Yves Saint Laurent, Smashbox and Chanel products.
3) What perfume do you wear?
I'm pretty lazy with perfume, but my ultimate childish but fave scent is Parfums Love in Lost in love
4) Who was your inspiration to start blogging?
Many many people, but the bloggers I really look up to have to be Fleur de force and Susie Bubble
5) If you were to go to the cinema right now which film would you see?
Any Disney film
6) Where did you go on holiday to last?
Devon, Instow
7) What's your favourite TV show?
Adventure Time!
8) What's your most used beauty product?
Maybelline stay matte powder foundation, Collection 2000 concealer in fair and Topshop lipstick in Inhibition
9) What's one hair/beauty product you can't live without?
Same as above
10) Who do you think is the celebrity with the best fashion sense?
Cara Delevingne or Alexa Chung


  1. Amazing pictures!:)

  2. thank you so much :) i'm now following you x

  3. Tehe, Adventure time! A+
    Also, you hat has cat ears A++++++++++++

    Em x

  4. Love you hair! And sweater :) Looks soo cute!

  5. Great pictures! Absolutely stunning!

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