Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sweet Inspiration

Sources: Look magazine
I've been taking a brief blog break due to a struggle to find inspiration to put together outfits to share. And so I've cracked on with my collaging to help with my creativity block. My collages started with cutting out things I liked and putting them on a page, however, its slowly developed into pages with themes and trends. Adding extras like crafty accessories and drawings that give texture and individuality. My favourite of these is the 'peter pan collar' out of part of a birthday card, I spotted the polka dot pattern (which sadly doesn't show well) and frill lining and I knew it'd be perfect. As you can see I've left some of my notes I make on each page whilst I'm putting them together, it might make the thought process of the page a bit clearer. I find it incredibly relaxing to do and each finished page gives me a little burst pride. I hope to get styling again, but I'd love to share more of the completed collage projects in future x

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  1. That is so awesome and the dog is so cute!


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