Monday, 28 October 2013

Not too long, not too short

I'm notoriously unadventurous and lazy with my hair, but I have always envied those that can pull of a full fringe and I was ready to take the plunge! I wanted to cut out the dip dye and so my hair is much shorter than I'm used to. I've also been absolutely in love with Alexa Chung's style, so she has to be my main inspiration for this look. It could drive me insane before long, and its going to take a bit of work to maintain some volume in my flat hair. But I have to say, the Vo5 'Plump it up' mousse used today has worked wonders (with an upside down blow dry ;)). The heat defense aspect is ideal and the fragrance left is pleasantly subtle.


  1. Your hair is so amazing! Love the lipstick :)

    Xo Mel
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  2. the dark lipstick suits your skine tone so well and i think that you hair looks wonderful this way
    following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)

  3. I like your photos and I think that look like Alexa on it! Really.
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  4. Love the fringe it really suits you/ Ive recently had mine cut back in after opting for a 70s split fringe for the last year. I have massive hair envy for Alexa Chung.

    Lucy xx


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