Sunday, 26 January 2014

Having the characteristics of a metal

Jumper & Shoes: Topshop, Dress: New Look, Necklace & Bag: River Island
An outfit for a stormy day, I wore this for a little family meal and although its girly I felt a balance between comfortable and dressed up. Though its a little much with a purple party dress, adding a jumper is a great way to make it more casual. I paired it with my extremely over worn 'robots in love' necklace and then my new clutch bag that I've been dying to use!
And yes, my shiny shoes are making another appearance, I'm simply in love with them and with the metallic trend in general. They've given me so many outfit ideas, so expect to see them again soon :)


  1. This outfit is so pretty and fun - love the little robot necklace it's very quirky :) I'd love to see the outfit on you! I hope you enjoyed your family meal xxx

  2. Metallic and holographic are my favourite colors of all time! xx

  3. Those metallic shoes!!! So lovely! Also, the colour of your dress looks amazing! I demand an outfit post featuring it soon.

    Kisses xx

    1. Awww thankyou :D I'll definitely be wearing it again, I'll keep you posted! xx

  4. Gorgeous outfit! would love to see an outfit post of it :)



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