Sunday, 9 February 2014

Run against the wind

Coat: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, Top: H&M, Skirt: Vintage (Simone Hooper), Shoes: Topshop.
Gosh was it windy yesterday, I was lucky to get any shots where my hair wasn't covering my face! I was going out to eat and since I've been living in this skirt recently, I thought I ought to show it more here :) On the flip side I've slightly neglected my flatform trainers, though I shouldn't as they really do extend my little legs and the polka dots pop out. Finally, the top is actually borrowed from my sister's wardrobe, the tie front and bright yellow writing really fits with the sporty feel of the trainers. Whilst the grey colouring still compliments the vintage feel and the greens.
I also curled my hair for a change, it feels so lovely and bouncy once its done...shame about burning my thumb in doing so (curlers are not designed for klutz like me!). Paired with my favourite cream eye shadow, Maybelline's 24hr color tattoo in on-and-on bronze, and gel eyeliner to give a more glam look.
On a side note, I've now received all 3 of my university offers for fashion courses (Fashion retail management/fashion management)!!! I'm so excited, but now the hard stuff starts x


  1. love the coat, perfect for this time of year :)
    also you really suit the curls :D


  2. Love everything about this look! The coat! The shoes! Your makeup! Everything looks wonderful!

  3. You look gorgeous! Your coat may or may not have just sent me on a wild search around the internet (Debenhams and Ebay) because I adore it! I even tried it on a while ago in the shop, and still loved it. Sadly I didn't (and don't!) need another new coat. It's just like the green one I wanted in Topshop last year - I wanted it so bad! I think I need a green coat because I don't have one haha says the shopaholic. Congratulations on all of your uni offers, how exciting :) also your hair looks so pretty curly! I'm not very good with curlers, I'm impatient and it is definitely far too easy to get burnt with curlers. I just curl my hair with straighteners now instead! xxx

  4. Congratulations on your university offers! Have you picked one yet? Made a pro-con list? That is the best situation to be in, I had to go to the University I got into for first year- hated it and did a sneaky transfer. Hannah is right, that coat is dreamy! It's a lovely colour and I love the leather collar. You always style separates so well the fashion world will be lucky to have you!

    Emma x

  5. I love this look particularly the green coat - gorgeous colour and style :)

    Great blog - congrats on your university offers!


  6. love how you curled your hair :)


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