Sunday, 31 August 2014

To cross a body of water

Top: Dorothy Perkins | Shirt: Topshop | Skirt: Vintage | Sandals: Dorothy Perkins | Necklace: River Island | Nail Varnish: Barry M Bikini | Nail varnish (toes): Barry M Gelly nail effects Rose Hip.
My trusty summer sandals making another appearance, this time with a more complimentary nail colour, rather than a pop of colour like usual. A quick trip on the ferry from Instow to Appledore called for a very casual outfit and whilst it was windy and I was splashed, it was a peaceful journey overall. I picked up this skirt from the clothes show around Christmas time from a small stall that had handmade skirts and other vintage bits and pieces. The texture adds a little to a boring outfit and the light green suits both summer and winter wear. Though the Devon villages and towns I visited were lovely, the highlight had to be a small "petting zoo" with rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, chipmunks, kittens, puppies and calves...I was in pure heaven! One little bunny decided to have a quick nap on my lap and luckily he/she didn't pee on my new jeans (outfit post to come soon ;))

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


The marvels of our setting sun never fails to spur the inner photographer.
The peace and quiet of Instow also gave me some time to think over all the changes coming my way soon. The 14th of August finally gave me confirmation that everything I worked for over the past two years was worth it. There were a lot of tears and headaches, not to mention a sob or two, but I got into my university of choice on a Fashion management course and I'm so so excited to face the challenge ahead. I had a huge change of heart in my first year of A-levels from aiming to be a veterinary nurse to a career in fashion and I really didn't know if it was the right choice for me (and I still don't!) but I can't bear the thought of giving up on it without trying. I move in to my accommodation on the 19th of September which is approaching like a bullet train, and I'm going to be thrown completely out of my comfort zone. Here's to hoping I land somewhere even better.
I'll be continuing my blog along my journey, a huge thankyou to everyone sticking with me for the ride x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

South West England: Runners and Raglan

Top: Topshop | Shorts: Topshop | Sandals: Dorothy Perkins
I'm back from holidaying in the quaint seaside village of Instow in Devon and its been killing me not to blog whilst being without wifi :'( This relaxed outfit was a much loved repeat wear I'm not afraid to admit, I fell in love with runner shorts this summer and these denim effect ones are super easy to pair with anything! My second love has been my bargain footbed sandals that have near lived on my feet, adding a bit of femininity with the floral print. My final obsession is raglan tops, given the chance I would have one in every colour, but for now, simple black with 3/4 sleeves completes this oober casual outfit.
Excuse the windswept/blinded by the sun me, but look how pretty and peaceful it looks.

 Motor car acts 1888 and 1903

Sunday, 10 August 2014

A capricious notion

Dress: Thrifted | Flats: Topshop | Bag: Thrifted | Necklace: Monki | Nail varnish: Barry M Hi-Shine gel nail paint in Rose Hip
Believe it or not, this was a very adventurous outfit for me! I find it really hard to find girly summer dresses that I like and equally as hard to pair them with the rest of my wardrobe. But a moment in a charity shop left me with a flash of inspiration. First, this small dark brown satchel caught my attention, I loved that it was worn in places to give it a vintage feel, even though I think its Primark originally. Then, this dress behind the counter just struck me as really simple and cute, though I didn't like the original buttons, it was a quick fix to change them. It a teeny bit too big, but I like that it has more length and room to fill out when I go for a big meal. AND the best part of all is that this whole outfit only cost £17.45 :) (Shoes £7 in Topshop's post Christmas sale, dress £5.50, bag £4.95 and the necklace was a gift).
I also opted for a light pink shimmery lipstick, which is way out of my comfort zone normally. However, when I swatched this in store it was simply too pretty to leave behind. Again I was dead pleased that it was reduced and I had a £1 off Rimmel products voucher, so I think I paid about £3 in the end. Eeeeeek!
I get way too excited about bargains...
 Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Fancy (210)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

Top: H&M, Skirt: Motel Rocks, Wedges: New Look, Bag: River Island, Necklace: River Island, Nail varnish: Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Greenberry.
Safe to say, anything of a fluffy texture is just captivating to me. This skirt was a birthday present to myself back in February and though best suited to winter wear, I really love it for nights out too. Being high waisted I find it flattering and comfortable to wear and despite the light pink looking near translucent against my skin tone, its such a lovely colour to pair with black pieces. These black suede cut out wedges were bought for my end of high school prom 2 years ago and they're still going strong even after many nights out, dead impressed! Finally, I added some pops of colour with the nail varnish and necklace, with my poor overused envelope clutch bag to finish the look.
I was going to find a nice scenic area to shoot this outfit, unfortunately the weather was not on my side and a quick run outside in-between rainy spells was the only option. Really looking forward to next week and my holiday in Devon for some nice (weather permitting) beach shots :)


Sunday, 3 August 2014

To fringe or not to fringe

Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner (Navy), Maybelline color sensational lipstick in Midnight Plum (338)
Today I thought I'd switch it up a little from the normal outfit posts and just have a chat about anything and everything. I really can't believe how fast this year has flown by so far and I feel like so much has changed since January. I've finished college now and its less than 2 weeks till results day (PANIC STATIONS!), but I'm so excited about the prospect of university and all the opportunities it brings. I want to keep working hard on blogging, being consistent and enjoying every minute of it, and slowly but surely I'm getting to where I want to be.

And talking of change, I'm forever debating what to do with my hair! I do love having a fringe but some days its such a pain in the ass! (See: Should I keep the fringe? Grow it out? or just go all out and dye my hair wild colours? Knowing me, I'll be keeping it the same for a while longer anyway.
I have, however, been trying to switch up my makeup a tad, pictured above is my favourite look at the moment. I keep my base makeup very simple and steady as my skin is so quick to breakout, and I do adore my dark matte lipsticks. So I tried a new slightly lighter shade of lipstick with a bit of shimmer and I was actually really impressed. As well as changing my black gel liner for navy liquid liner, mostly inspired by it being free in Glamour magazine and some friends suggesting it was worth a try. Eyeko liner pens as a whole have not impressed me, but I do love the colour and staying power of the liquid itself.

For now its only a tiny makeup revamp, we'll see where the rest of this year leads me.
Change is not a thing I relish, but its time for a new undertaking :)


Thankyou to Abi at for nominating me for a Liebster award! I've already been nominated previously, but I'll still answer the questions here since there some real good 'uns :)

1.What's your favourite thing about blogging?
How it encourages me to be creative and reflect on myself.

2.How often do you post?
At the moment, twice a week.

3.What's your favourite film?
I love most Disney films, but I'd pick Tangled if I had to.

4.What's your favourite post to write?
Outfit posts are the main part of my blog, but recently I feel lifestyle type posts are really enjoyable.

5.What's your favourite son right now?
Something beautiful - Needtobreathe (album: The Outsiders).

6.Do you try and reply to all of your comments?
I do, I think its really important to say thank you and show support back to other bloggers.

7.Is there anything you don't really like about blogging?
Follow for follows wind me up ;)

8.What's your favourite food?
Most things sweet, probably dark Belgian chocolate cookies.

9. What type of blogs do you enjoy reading?
Travel and fashion blogs.

10.When did you start blogging?
October 2012.

11.Do you think you'll ever stop blogging?
Though I think my blog will change a lot in the future, I hope to continue and see it grow for a long long time. Until I've achieved what I set out to achieve.