Thursday, 11 September 2014

Are tech and fashion followers poles apart?

"Google glass with its sci-fi aesthetics"
With an increasingly technological world, huge technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Google bring out shiny new devices seemingly every week. The danger of its impersonal and cult type appeal pushes many fashion fanatics to the opposite end of the spectrum. Justin Cooke, former Topshop marketing chief and former Vice president of Burberry PR, argues in Ami Sedghi's article for the Guardian; "Fashion [is] too scared to innovate with tech." Cooke sees the opportunities lost to increase audience through partnerships with those like Google seen in London's biannual London Fashion week.

London fashion week - Topshop Unique AW13

And far from unpassionate, technology offers options for sought after personalisation. Cooke's opinion is supported by wearable devices, where fashion and technology collide and take off if created with an eye for fashion. For example, Google glass with its sci-fi aesthetics.
But far from shaking in its boots as suggested in Ami's article, fashion embraces movement towards tech with Decoded fashion, a global forum for fashion and technology. Though its possible that big companies will not lead this revolution, but more likely designers will work with specialised technology start-ups. So whilst I agree with Cooke, technology used by fashion brands is vital to get quick and easy feedback from customers through social media, but this has not gone amiss, even traditional brands are utilising these avenues with facebook pages, instagram accounts and fully interactive webpages. Fashion is now more international than ever and it has technology to thank.

The Row and Brooks Brothers Instagram accounts

With both industries relying heavily on trend-forecasting aided by social media, is this a match made in heaven?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Badly Torn maybe

Jacket: New Look (old) | Top: New Look (old) | Jeans: Topshop | Flats: New Look
Very coincidently this outfit is mostly New Look, which believe it or not is actually somewhere I don't shop very often. I have worn this top SO many times, and these flats were a major bargain in the summer sale at £4! But my favourite part of this outfit is the ripped jeans, these were my little treat to myself after results day. I'm sorry you can't actually see the rips in these shots, however, I really do love Topshop's Leigh super soft ankle grazers, perfect for those with shorter legs (despite these still bunching up a tad) and majorly comfortable. A perfect daytime outfit, warm enough for the breezy early autumn and with a memorial to summer through pineapples.